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Uilleann Pipes

Ross Davison - Uilleann Pipes

Ross Davison is a multi-instrumentalist, teacher, and performer.

Ross began his musical life as a saxophonist, and quickly added Highland Bagpipes, Uilleann Bagpipes, and Tin Whistle to his arsenal of instruments.

As a Highland Bagpiper, Ross currently plays with the Grade 1 Ottawa Police Services Pipes and Drums, a prize-winning ensemble that has secured top placings at piping competitions throughout North America.

Loïc Bléjean - Uilleann Pipes

Loïc Bléjean is from Brittany, that ancient land in the north-west of modern France, first settled by humans thousands of years ago, steeped in history and tradition and whilst his music is informed by his native culture, his love, if not that over-used word ‘passion’, is for the Irish tradition – he is a uilleann piper and low whistle player of high renown. One Breton website describes him as piper étoilé, a just and entirely fair description!

Kieran O'Hare

Kieran O'Hare is a highly respected and sought-after performer of traditional Irish music on the uilleann pipes, concert flute, and tinwhistle. He was educated at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.

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